The Portfolio of
Eiji Muroichi

Autodesk Accelerating Better Design 1.0

Autodesk is a leading software company for architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing and entertainment industries. But their brand wasn’t as familiar to users as their representative product, AutoCAD.

Accelerating Better Design 1.0 is the brand awareness campaign for Autodesk to build customer awareness across the industries that Autodesk’s solutions are provided.

Art Direction, Lead Design

Visual Direction

The visual is representation of a 3D design process. It begins with points, then those are connected with lines and form a wireframe plane, going through processes of material and simulation, then 3D planes are rendered and the universe of showcase is finally revealed.
Wireframe bridges different industries like a train to a plant, a bridge to a speaker and so on.

Landing Page Prototype

To show the process of 3D design and ensure 3-Dimensional space would work, I developed a Flash prototype. This prototype was helpful not only for testing user interaction but also adjusting the layout of 3d space.

Landing Page

The campaign was developed with a landing page on as its foundation. The landing page showcased how Autodesk provides proven 3d design solutions for various industries.


Media executions

The campaign extended across various medias such as print, banner ad and Facebook fan page.