The Portfolio of
Eiji Muroichi

Autodesk Autodesk 3D iPad Ad

This is an online experience that takes people on a virtual 3D tour of China’s Tianjin Port building which was designed and engineered with Autodesk products.

We created this experience collaborating with Cooliris whose 3D engine “Immersive 3D ad (Currently Pulse3D)” is the core system of this 3D tour.

This became one of the first rich experience ads on iOS platform that went beyond traditional digital media ads.

Concept, Art Direction, User Experience Design, Visual Design

Immersive 3D experience

Scrolling through initial sketches to final prototypes of the building, viewers get a better idea of how the 3D technology enables them to visualize, analyze, and experience ideas before they are real.

They were then invited to explore the virtual 3D model of the building. Pinching and dragging allowed them to move around the entire perimeter and interior. Tilting the iPad allowed them to fly around the structure with a little more freedom to analyze every inch and angle of the structure.

The ad also included a brand video explaining how Autodesk technology allows people to design better solutions to their biggest design challenges.

Visual Design

The ad is a part of Autodesk's branding campaign, "Accelerating Better Design". The visual style follows the style establised for the campaign.