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Eiji Muroichi

Pencils of Promise The Impossible Ones

The Impossible Ones is a campaign launched by NPO, Pencils of Promise.

PoP’s Supporters pledged their big impossibles such as jumping out of a plane and biking across the country, and challenged to achieve during the campaign raising donations to build a school and a classroom.

Also everyone who wants to achieve their impossible can submit their ideas how to plan to achieve, and how to inspire others by their achievements to the campaign. The winner who got most voted would receive a $500 grant to implement the impossible and film it.

I worked on the logo design and art direction for the branding.

Pencils of Promise
Art Direction, Design

Art Direction

The '1' logo was designed with the inspiration of Escher's 'Impossible Figures'.

Visual style was established based on a grungy style which represents youth passions and spirits of challenge.