The Portfolio of
Eiji Muroichi

Uniqlo Uniqlock Season 2 Cashmere Catalogue

Uniqlock is one of the most successful campaigns in digital advertising history. Four dancers in Uniqlo’s cloths dance with musics, and the musics and the dances are synched with clock tick. Then the experience became whole new style of clock. The campaign achieved massive successes across medias with over 900 million viewers from 215 contries.

The phase 2 of the campaign featured Cashmere knit. All video footages were refreshed and added new catalog page. I was asked to work with the team for design and Flash interactive for catalogue section for phase 2 of the campaign.

Interface Design, Flash Programming

The Pendulum

Pendulum is a perfect representation of clock and it also has classical and luxury feelings that are common with cashmere cloths.

Pendulum swings in sync with the music and background photo changes every second.
When mouse cursor comes close to the pendulum, the photo slideshow will pause. Also you can select a style from circular menu on top.