The Portfolio of
Eiji Muroichi

Panasonic Experience Color

Experience Color is an online interactive experience for Panasonic’s new TV, Viera. The TV has great color performance and the client wanted to introduce great world of color through Viera made in Japan So We came up with the concept to feature Japanese traditional colors which were often used in Japanese traditional arts. The website is mainly consisted of three chapters, “What Color is Life?”, “Color of Shadows”, and “A garden of Colors”. I worked for second content, “Color of Shadows” which featured classical Japanese dance performance, “Noh”.

Business Architects
Art Direction, Design, Flash Programming


Noh (能) is classical Japanese musical drama that has been performed since 13th century. We featured a real Noh performer for this experience. The masks for the shoot were actually used in his stage. Those have been using over a hundred years. We set up a Noh stage and shoot a digest of three stories.


The experience begins from lighting bonfire.
On each phase of the film, a generative visual effect is overlaid on the film. All the effects were generated by scripting picking up a color under mouse cursor and calculate its motion and effect on live. The representative for the effects were decided based on each story of the film. (1.Sorrow, 2. Enmity, 3.Petals)