eiji muroichi


BarkShop Live

  • 3DCG
  • Art Direction
  • Design
  • PARTY New York

BarkShop Live

Pet supply store where dogs can shop for themselves

We partnered with pet retailer Bark & Co to launch a unique and innovative shopping experience for dogs, “BarkShop Live”, a week-long pop-up store located in Manhattan’s Soho neighborhood.

At the store, special vests equipped with RFID readers were fitted on the visiting dogs before they were allowed to roam and play with various products available at the venue. All of the merchandise were embedded with RFID tags that allowed the system to recognize what toys the dogs showed the most interest in.

The feedback was then captured in real-time on an app and fed to a live projection at the store. As the dogs left the playground, owners were able to place orders on items of choice via the app and have them delivered.

I was responsible for the overall store design including modular playground system for dog.