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Singapore Tourism Board

Snap Singapore

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Snap Singapore

AI-Powered Photo-booth that discovers a place in Singapore perfectly matched to your style

Snap Singapore is an innovative photo booth that combines the latest in artificial intelligence and image recognition technology to help you find the perfect landmark in Singapore that matches your style.

Simply step into the booth and take a photo. It analyzes color of your clothing, and use this data to find the most matched landmark in Singapore that aligns with your style.

After your photo is taken and the matched landmark is identified, the photo of you and the matched landmark will be seamlessly combined and printed out on the spot for you. The photo-print also includes key features of the landmark to provide additional context and information to visitors.

In addition, a QR code is printed on the photo, allowing you to easily share your experience on social media and reference the attraction’s highlights, history, and location.

This Photo Booth was originally created for tourism events in multiple countries including Singapore, the United States, Germany, Hong Kong, and Spain. The Snap Singapore photo booth has delighted visitors with its innovative technology and intuitive experience.