eiji muroichi


True Fan Jukebox

  • PARTY New York
  • Art Direction
  • Design
  • Motion Graphics

True Fan Jukebox

Jukebox that takes your enthusiasm to music.

We partnered with Spotify to reinvent the jukebox. The True Fan Jukebox doesn’t take money— it only needs your love of music. The device uses custom image recognition system that identifies the band T-shirt you are wearing and plays the music from that band via Spotify.

My role was to design overall UI design, logos, motion graphics that displays on the embedded LED screen.

For music lovers, wearing a T-shirt of their favorite artist or band is a special way to express their passion for their music.

With this jukebox, all you have to do is stand in front of the jukebox wearing a T-shirt with a logo on it, and it will recognize the logo on the T-shirt, identify the artist, and search for and play the artist's music from Spotify.

The digital installation was showcased at the Spotify House throughout SXSW 2016 and was enjoyed by hundreds music fans as a result.