eiji muroichi


Written in the Stars

  • Art Direction
  • Design
  • Creative Direction
  • AKQA

Written in the Stars

Send an unforgettable holiday message into the starry sky

In a world gone mobile, the tradition of sending well-crafted holiday greetings is slowly fading away. We set out to remind people that no matter how far apart they were during the holidays, messages could still be memorable.

Written in the Stars is a mobile browser experience designed to reconnect loved ones who could not be together at holiday time. Reaching out was as simple as sending a text message.

Visit the website and enter a message for your beloved one. When your recipient clicks on the email link, she/he will be directed to a special website and instructed to use a smartphone to find the North Star on the phone screen. When the shining North Star is spotted, your message will be written in the stars.

I designed a constellation-like typeface based on Futura that reproduces the twinkling of stars and responds to music and your typing with its movements.