eiji muroichi


79% Work Clock

  • Art Direction
  • Design
  • Development
  • PARTY New York

79% Work Clock

Alarm clock that makes you aware of the gender wage gap

79% Work Clock is a part of MTV’s “Look Different” campaign, to call attention to the gender wage gap in America.

Studies show that women who work full-time are paid only 79% of what men make annually, so the 79% Work Clock lets you know when 79% of the work day has passed. When a woman hears its chime, she might as well go home.

Hundreds of these clocks to people in workplaces across the country (including the White House) were distributed to serve as a daily reminder that at a certain point, the gender wage gap means women aren’t being paid for their work.

We designed and created the actual clock together with the team at Good Thing, and made a promotional video and website that features the 79% Calculator, which simply calculates when the 79% of your work day ends.

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