eiji muroichi

7-Eleven Taiwan

Force of Love

  • Production Lead
  • Product Design
  • UX Direction
  • Creative Direction
  • ADK Taiwan
  • PARTY Taipei

Force of Love

Defeat the social problem monsters by arm-wrestling

The campaign, Forth of Love, was part of 7-ELEVEN Taiwan’s annual charity donations project, popped up in locations across Taiwan from December 2018 to January 2019.

The machines were placed at participating 7-ELEVEN stores, inviting customers to donate spare change through an “arm-wrestling match”.

We have designed 10 monsters to represent social issues faced by elderly people in Taiwan and created ten arm-wrestling machines of each monster. Each arm-wrestling machine has the distinctive arm of the corresponding monster, and the monster's face is displayed on the screen, waiting for challengers.

Participants can fight off monsters by putting money in a donation box while defeating the monster's arms (*Taiwanese-style arm wrestling is performed with crossed wrists instead of clasped hands.).

When a participant successfully defeats a monster three times, they will receive a character card featuring the defeated monster.

On the special website, participants can find 7-Eleven stores with the arm-wrestling machines marked on the map. By defeating all ten monsters and collecting the character cards, participants can learn about social issues faced by the elderly in Taiwan while having fun and raising funds for a good cause.

The monster characters, each representing ten social challenges faced by the elderly population in Taiwan, were designed by Sticky Monster Lab from Seoul, Korea.

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