eiji muroichi

7-Eleven Taiwan

Rhythm of Love

  • Production Lead
  • Art Direction
  • Creative Direction
  • Design
  • UX Direction
  • ADK Taiwan
  • PARTY New York

Rhythm of Love

Donation box that praises you with applause

As part of 7-Eleven Taiwan's "Rhythm of Love" CSR campaign, we developed a unique Robotic Clapping Wall that encourages donations and spreads joy. The wall is made up of twelve pairs of mechanical hands that are programmed to applaud and cheer whenever a coin or bill is inserted into the donation box placed in front of it.

The Robotic Clapping Wall was made as a fun and interactive way to engage customers and inspire them to contribute. The wall's hands create a visual spectacle that draws attention and encourages people to participate in the campaign.

Thanks to its unique design and entertaining features, the Robotic Clapping Wall became a popular attraction at 7-Eleven stores across Taiwan. It helped raise awareness and funds for various charitable causes while also entertaining and delighting customers.

The clapping machine consists of a wall with 12 pairs of embedded hands and a donation box. The donation box is equipped with sensors, and each time a coin or bill is inserted, the hands on the wall clap to applaud the act of donation.

The clapping hands are made of special urethane rubber to reproduce the sound of realistic live applause. We created this robot together with Bye Bye World, the leading clapping robot artist.

The wall is programmed to perform different clapping rhythms and user-generated ones. We also created a website for the campaign where visitors are able to create and share their own clapping rhythm.


The Robotic Clapping Walls was exhibited in various locations across major cities in Taiwan from November 10th to December 8th. The Robotic Clapping Walls were highly successful in engaging customers and resulted in achieving numerous creative awards.

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